Making the Mural: a splash of colour from ArtWorks


Many of you may have seen that our street has seen a splash of colour, but many of you may not know the people behind the mural.

The geometric design, based on the Bloc Projects logo, replaced a previous wall painting from 2015 by artist James Epps. This new piece of work has been put together by our fiends at ArtWorks.

Some of you may be familiar with ArtWorks, perhaps from our exhibition We Are Here, which was staged in our gallery back in November last year, or maybe for the work that they have been doing with other arts organisations across the region.

Artworks are a non for profit creative arts organisation, inspiring and helping adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential and develop important life skills through creative workshops and placements. They focus on achievement, self-belief, collaborative practice and teamwork whilst supporting artists to play an active role within their community. ArtWorks aim to challenge people’s perceptions of intellectual disabilities through celebrating the creativity and ambition of our artists. 

We had seen the amazing murals that their artists have painted on other sites across Sheffield and wanted to see how they could transform our arches. All the way from initial design to final application, the mural has been a huge success and shows off the skills and talent of all the artists that ArtWorks support.

'I love working on murals, it's great working outside and seeing people looking at our artwork.' - Phil

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