About Us


Established in 2002, Bloc Projects is a contemporary arts organisation in the centre of Sheffield.

Bloc Projects is a not-for-profit creative organisation with educational and charitable aims.

We support artists at key stages in their careers through an acclaimed contemporary exhibitions programme.

Our free public programme of talks, heritage projects, workshops and events supports the creative professional development of the local community, promoting diverse creative career pathways and providing generous opportunities for participatory learning, meaningful arts engagement and skill development.

As an organisation we continue to work with other local art organisations, universities and charities to ensure our educational activities welcome a diverse and intergenerational demographic.



David McLeavy


Graduate Residents


Damien Fisher
Lucy Lound


Elliot Clark
Holly Kempton

Fine Art Bridge Scheme Graduate Residents
(in partnership with SHU)


Jeanine Griffin (Chair)
Rose Butler
Matthew Cheeseman
Adrian Friedli
Mir Jansen
Helen Stokes
Annie Thirlwell
Annalisa Toccara