We Are Here

01 - 18 November

Free & open to all

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WE ARE HERE showcases works by artists in Sheffield with physical and learning disabilities. Through a period of supported development, the artists collectively chose to feature bright and vivid contributions using neon and fluorescent colours. The artists involved felt these colours represented their positivity as a group and through using different mediums from textile design to neon glass blowing each artist has made a piece which is personal to them. Some pieces boldly explore the tactile and textural nature of materials, whilst other artists have utilised the opportunity to express feelings through their work which are otherwise challenging to communicate.

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Through this lively collection of works ArtWorks and Bloc Projects hope to challenge attitudinal perceptions of disability through celebrating the creativity and ambition of the artists involved.

All the artists involved are represented and supported by ArtWorks. ArtWorks is a not for profit organisation which provides creative opportunities, placements and help with artist development for adults with physical and learning disabilities.

Featuring work by:

Andrew Brady

Philip Chapman

Michael Costen

Josh Garcia

Sophie Grundy

Cathy James

Elliott King

Jason Johnson

Tim Prestwood

Emmie Waugh