Curator Talk: Sophie Chapman

Wednesday 04 April, 6 – 7:30pm

Salon 18
Free & open to all

Sophie Chapman.001.jpeg

Sophie Chapman is an artist & curator originally from Newcastle, currently based in London. In 2016 working for Create London, Sophie set up The White House a new artist residency and community space in Dagenham, she is currently Learning Curator for the Whitstable Biennale, Kent. Sophie shares a collaborative art practice with artist educator Kerri Jefferis. Often a recouping of staged encounters, interventions or events their work takes the form of props, drawings, performances, sound and video. They are currently exploring the relationship between the structures (social, spacial, locational, administrative) and languages (verbal, gestural, bodily) in prefigurative practices, for a new body of work. They also in a sick punk band called Molejoy. Sophie & Kerri are studio holders and coop members of Lewisham Arthouse. Their practice is foregrounded by their friendship.

As part of Bloc’s Artist Development Programme, there are a small number of free one-to-one artists crits/feedback sessions available with Sophie Chapman, ahead of her talk on Weds 4th April.

Salon 18 forms part of Making Ways, a new programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.

Thumbnail image credit: 'Guttural Living 2018 Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis with Kyla Harris, Zuleika Lebow and Serena Morgan