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Victoria Lucas – Interruptions Berlin (2008 – 2012)

Thursday 05 July 2012

This photographic series archives thirty-two staircases situated in the twenty-four underground train stations on the U8 line in Berlin, Germany. The images are the result of an interest that has spanned four years, since Victoria Lucas temporarily relocated to Berlin in 2008 to undertake an art residency.

The transient nature of the city of Berlin is echoed in this underground network of spaces. Artists, musicians and tourists arrive and depart from the city as frequently as the trains pass through the stations. Berlin promises a utopian dream, a place in which to enrich existence; a refuge for the nomad artist and non-conformist ideals. It is steeped in a unique and complex history that is still recent enough to be present on the city’s surface, and on the faces of the native residents who travel through Berlin amongst the ephemeral hordes.

A limited edition publication documenting all of the 32 photographs will be available from March 2012.