bloc projects


two projects by Victoria Sharples

Thursday 12th July

6–8.30 pm

Victoria Sharples (b. 1991 South Yorkshire) is an artist and researcher working between Sheffield and Leeds. Currently working towards her practice-based doctorate in Fine Art, Sharples meditates on issues surrounding human imposed authorship of materials and contemporary eco-politics. Often
durational, her practice encompasses time-based performance, video, photography, conceptual
scores and events.

For Bloc Projects, Sharples presents a series of nineteen photographs taken by artists Ricky Adam & Tom Rodgers which document the performative happening Aggregates (2017). The happening took
place in a working quarry site in Doncaster and sought to recognise new "plastic geologies" and the lasting impact that human activity can have on the environment. For Aggregates, Sharples recruited over fifteen participants from around the UK to build a three-tonne sandbag wall. A reinvention of Allan Kaprow’s seminal happening Fluids (1967), Aggregates explores the permanence of plastic waste in the anthropogenic era.

For this temporary event, Sharples also exhibits a collaborative project, realised by a group of artists
and scientists from around the world. 5 Pieces is an international mail-art project, in which five pieces of white A4 paper are placed on the five-coloured sea’s around the world; the Red Sea, Black Sea, White Sea, Yellow Sea & Green(land) Sea. To realise the conceptual “watercolour”, Sharples e-mailed instructions to each collaborator – each of whom performed the action of laying the A4 sheet against the surface of the water. Once the paper had dried, each participant sent their contribution back to the UK using their local postal service. Contributing countries include: The Republic of Korea, Norway, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

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