bloc projects

  • Green veg isolated, 2017 Green vegetable isolated, 2017 (image courtesy: Jamie Sorensen)
  • I don't always do this, 2017 I don't always do all of this, 2017 (image courtesy: Jamie Sorensen)
  • Spare Room Residency, install, 2017 Spare Room Residency, installation, 2017 (image courtesy: Jamie Sorensen)

Test Bed #1

  • Lucy Vann

30 September – 14 October 2017

PV Friday 29 September, 6 – 8pm

The Bloc Projects Test Bed is focused on providing artists with a publicly facing gallery space to experiment with new approaches, and techniques and to engage with audiences in new ways.

For Test Bed #1 Bloc Projects will be hosting new work by Sheffield based artist Lucy Vann.

More information coming soon…


Lucy Vann (b.1987) works in moving image, sound, performance, writing and photography. In 2012 she graduated from Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art and is currently a studio holder at S1 Artspace, Sheffield. Recent shows include Spare Room Residency, Liverpool; Stored in the Depths at Is This It, online; Life oh Life at The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Five Finger Discount at Bronze Dog, Goteberg; Ground at Turf Projects, Croydon, Keep the Dust Off, S1 Artspace, Sheffield.