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Sheffield Fringe 2014

Friday 06 June 2014
6-10 pm | Saturday 07 June 2014 6-10 pm | Sunday 08 June 2014 12-6pm

Screening continues 9 – 14 June 2014, 2pm + 4pm daily.

The Atlas Group / Walid Raad – Farhad Ahrarnia – David Blandy – Angus Braithwaite – Rose Butler – Alison J. Carr – Nelmarie du Preez – Eitan Efrat / Sirah Foighel Brutmann / Daniel Mann – Hadi Fallahpisheh – Juliette Joffé – Yaron Lapid – Adrienne Leverette / Rob Tyler, Alexander Lorenz – Marielle Nitoslawska – Miranda Pennell – Theo Price – Shirin Sabahi – Solmaz Shahbazi – Farahnaz Sharifi – Samuel Stevens – Jobina Tinnemans – Michel Wenzer – Akio Yuguchi.

Bloc Projects are pleased to host fourth edition of Sheffield Fringe, an artist-led curatorial project exploring the intersection of art & documentary practices through screenings, talks, exhibitions and research. This year’s extended edition of Sheffield Fringe considers the relationship between aesthetics and emergency politics through experimental narratives. Filmmakers in the programme encounter domestic and institutional contexts, cultural conditioning and national political milieux. Cross-examining their chosen subjects from many angles, they bring into question the ethics of artistic agency and representation.


Friday 6th June – 6pm – Maybe Darkness – 80 min

Juliette Joffé – Angus Braithwaite – Rose Butler – Akio Yuguchi – Alison J. Carr – Adrienne Leverette/ Rob Tyler – David Blandy.

The inevitable weight of individual and family history is consistently tempered by a playful self-awareness throughout these films, in which artists examine the impact of formative experiences via familiar domestic and cultural touchstones.

Friday 6th June – 8pm – Killing Time – 30 min +

Dutch composer Jobina Tinnemans’ performance Killing Time combines electronic samples, contemporary classical technique, and an ensemble of volunteering knitters to astonishing effect. For Sheffield Fringe, Jobina re-stages a specially adapted performance, with Sheffield knitters joining her live.

Saturday 7th June – 6 pm – Kiss me, gentlemen – 75 min

Alexander Lorenz – Nelmarie du Preez – Daniel Mann / Sirah Foighel Brutmann / Eitan Efrat – Miranda Pennell – Walid Raad – Michel Wenzer – Yaron Lapid.

The films in this programme deal with the mechanisms and technologies of entrapment; judicial systems, the military, prison, society in general. Whilst some films critique the assumed political agency of documentary, others inject humour, incite horror or straddle precariously on the tightrope of representation.

Saturday 7th June – 8pm – Emergency Aesthetics: Documenting the COBRA committee – 60 min +

Theo Price – Samuel Stevens – Stephen Connolly.

When the British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convenes, COBRA RES invites artists, writers and filmmakers to respond. In this presentation Theo Price and Samuel Stevens share a number of artworks and film-based responses to recent emergencies from hostages being held in an Algerian gas plant, to the recent UK flooding disaster.

Sunday 8th June – 12 – 6pm – Bloc Open Studios

Helen Cocker – Michael Day – Lesley Guy and Dale Holmes – Ruth Herbert – Katie Jamieson – Victoria Lucas – Dominic Mason – Sarah Jane Palmer – Saskia Palmer – Arnett Powell – Christiane Thalmann – Stephen Todd – Lea Torp Nielsen – Liz von Graevenitz – Sean Williams.

Sunday 8th June – 4pm – Urban Observations, Tehran: What Kind of Modern? – 70 min

Solmaz Shahbazi – Shirin Sabahi – Farhad Ahrarnia – Hadi Fallahpisheh – Farahnaz Sharifi.

At the heart of these films, the city of Tehran emerges as a place brimming with political frustrations and thwarted dreams of several generations. Memories of loss, as well as ambivalent attitudes towards the present, and defensive anxieties about the future are presented in subtle tales exploring the human condition.

Monday 9th – Saturday 14th June – 2pm & 4pm daily – Breaking The Frame – 100 min

This remarkable feature–length portrait of the New York artist Carolee Schneemann by filmmaker, cinematographer and film professor Marielle Nitoslawska captures Schneemann in her own words, images, and reflections. A pioneer of performance and body art as well as avant-garde cinema, Schneemann has been challenging art world assumptions about feminism, gender, sexuality, and identity for five decades.


Sheffield Fringe 2014 is supported by Arts Council England, presented in partnership with Openvizor, Diversity Art Forum and Goldsmiths University of London, and produced in collaboration with Bloc Projects and Bloc Studios.

Admission to all events is free.