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Salon 18 | Architecture Talk: RESOLVE Collective

Wednesday 7th November

6 – 7:30pm

RESOLVE is an interdisciplinary design collective that combines architecture, engineering, technology and art to address social challenges.

‘Collaboration and co-production is a critical part of our ethos. For us, it is the first step towards realising more equitable visions of change and the ultimate attempt to bridge the gaps between a multitude of groups and communities, providing a platform for the production of new knowledge and ideas. An integral part of this is working with youth and under-represented groups in society and engaging them in the design process.

For us, ‘design’ encompasses both physical and systemic intervention. We look at innovative ways of working with communities as ‘stakeholders’ in the short and long-term management of projects. In this way, design carries more than aesthetic value; it is also a mechanism for socio-economic change.’

In this talk RESOLVE will share their work and architectural design processes as a means to interrogate various social issues –  projects which often use temporary interventions to explore themes including ‘urban separation and coexistence’, ‘design as a tool for community engagement’, and ‘technological innovation in urban planning’.

Free, limited capacity, registration essential via: Eventbrite.