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Rebecca Ounstead – Tassels ‘n’ That

Friday 26 September 2014

27 September – 18 October 2014 | Weds – Sat | 12 – 6pm

Bloc Projects are delighted to present a solo exhibition of new work by Rebecca Ounstead, developed during a four-week residency in the gallery.

Ounstead works predominantly in sculpture and performance to experiment with the manipulation of materials and the arrangement of objects with a playful and almost fetishistic approach. Exploring the potentials of these materials and their altered states and functions, she examines the translation of object into ornament, painting into pattern and fabric into framework while executing her sculptures with close attention to finish to emulate the products, environments and ideologies associated with various, often luxurious, lifestyles.

Ounstead’s installations form a dialogue between objects, which are often activated through the movement of performers or simply through their material states – a surface painted with a substance that that will never dry, fabric blown towards a glossy surface just out of its reach, Egyptian cotton soaked with water or swathes of organza draped against steel.

The title makes a playful nod to the dismissal of objects and materials that are often associated with femininity and deemed to be of interest primarily to women, while also reflecting the language used in signage for independent shops and market stalls located around the gallery, which the artist has visited regularly during her residency.

Performances took place at the opening of the exhibition on 26th September and on Saturday 4 October, 1-3pm.


Excerpt of performance for Rebecca Ounstead solo show, Tassels’n’That at Bloc Projects, Sheffield, September 2014 from rebecca ounstead on Vimeo.

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Rebecca Ounstead is based in Nottingham, UK, and graduated from Nottingham Trent University with BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2012. She has recently completed a residency in the Netherlands at HotelMariaKapel and has exhibited as part of Take a Bite of Peach, Attic, Nottingham, 2014; Surfacing, Hand in Glove, Bristol, 2014; Seven, Primary, Nottingham 2013 and Exeter Phoenix Open, Exeter, 2013.

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Photography and film: Julian Lister.