bloc projects


Nigel Grimmer – Minor Monuments

Friday 12 April 2013

Nigel Grimmer’s work investigates the relationship between public and private images. His forthcoming solo exhibition at Bloc Projects focuses on the last pages of the family album – on the replacement of one generation with the next, the appearance of fresh faces and the loss of familiar ones, and the editing out or forgetting of marginal or unruly characters. Grimmer presents a collection of photographic reproductions and objects both made and found; antiques, craft objects, and debris which are suggested as souvenirs of lived experiences; domestic detritus which may be judged as family heirlooms one moment or charity shop fodder the next. While certain sculptures illustrate memories for which no physical memento exists, some objects act as false evidence of events he has not experienced. The viewer is invited to create a narrative from these ambiguous snapshot moments.

Recently Grimmer began disrupting the integrity of the picture plane in his photographs in order to highlight the flatness and artificiality of the photographic object. He is currently experimenting with the introduction of a secondary picture plane within the photographic frame; for his new series Art Drag Album, a selection of which are presented in the exhibition, a collection of kitsch portraits appear within the photographs to create an illusory slippage between their foregrounds and backgrounds.