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  • Mariella Ottosson, Slow Collision, video installation 2016
  • Mariella Ottosson, Slow Collision, video installation 2016

Bloc Exchange – Mariella Ottosson and Aya Maria Urhammer

Thursday 23 June 2016

– Performances – Friday 23 June 2016 from 6pm –

– Exhibition continues to 1 July 2016 –

Bloc Exchange is a pilot project that continues our support for emerging artists and curators in their professional development through a series of UK and international visits, discussions with invited guests, and short exhibitions or events.

As part of this project we are pleased to host a duo exhibition by Bergen based artists Mariella Ottosson and Aya Maria Urhammer, previewing on Thursday 23 June. The event features a performance by Urhammer in collaboration with a group of Sheffield-based choir singers, followed by a performance-lecture by both artists, in which they explore the commonalities in their work.

Through a combination of video, sculpture, drawing and performance, the exhibition deals with the translation of algorithms, abstract languages and codes into diagrams, scores and choreographed movements. Slow Collision by Ottosson explores the physical gestures and material relationships brought about through our interaction with digital devices, while Urhammer’s Abstract Diagnoses creates musical notations and performances from the hyper complex system of numbers, abbreviations and graphs that express fluctuations in global financial systems.

More details on the activity taking place as part of the Bloc Exchange will be announced soon, check our website for updates.

Mariella Ottosson and Aya Maria Urhammer, born in Sweden and Denmark respectively, currently live and work in Bergen where they recently graduated from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB).