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Katherine Hymers – Requiem for a Spring Afternoon

Friday 05 October 2012

Requiem for a Spring Afternoon represents Hymers oeuvre succinctly; this video installation presented at BLOC is as much an ongoing exercise in looking and perception as it is a persistent interrogation of time as it operates on that perception.

Hymers utilises the body throughout the work as a presence and a tool, often exposing herself within the work. However, Hymers is more concerned with exposing the viewer’s awareness of his or her own perceptiveness, allowing this to take precedence over narrative or character, instead creating scenes that hover between any specific time or place, where narrative is compressed or suspended.

Temporality as a leitmotif is further heightened by the carefully composed images of Requiem for a Spring Afternoon. Filmed from a single fixed shot, and constructed according to a finely tuned emotional and aesthetic vulnerability Hymers images oscillate between still and moving. This oscillation brings with it the implications of video and photography’s different spatial and temporal qualities.

Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art & Design, Hymers has continued to develop her moving image practice, with residencies in Germany and Turkey, as well as showing work across the UK.