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  • It's Complicated - Installation image
  • It's Complicated - Installation image
  • It's Complicated - Installation image

It’s Complicated

  • Richard Bartle
  • Nick Grindrod
  • Iris Harris
  • David Jones
  • Rita Kaisen
  • Ladoza
  • Janie Moore
  • Jubby Taylor
  • Stephen Todd
  • Helen Stokes
  • Sean Williams

Friday 31 March 2017

It’s Complicated is an exhibition celebrating contemporary painting. The diverse nature of the participating artist’s work highlights the great breadth of the medium – from abstract to figurative, from subtle watercolour to gestural oil painting, from cool and conceptual, to expressive and experimental. It’s Complicated features tightly-controlled realist painting, hard-edged abstraction, the more gestural and visceral, and a number of interesting stops in between.

In essence, the act of painting is a simple one.  Yet there are so many decisions to be made and the artist’s relationship with their work thus becomes increasingly complex. It’s Complicated may also offer a clue into why artists choose to use paint above other media to express their ideas and explore possibilities.

In addition to the exhibition a number of the participants will be opening their studios on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of April, giving members of the public an opportunity to have a closer look at the working process of artists.

This project is a gallery hire. For more information about hiring the gallery please contact