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Bloc Billboard: Eddy Dreadnought

19 July – 03 August

(Bloc Billboard located on Eyre Lane, Sheffield)


We are delighted to present the work of Sheffield artist Eddy Dreadnought as part of our Bloc Billboard programme. Eddy is the second artist to present work as part of the 2019 programme and his work Steel has been installed on our new billboard located alongside the gallery on Eyre Lane. Eddy works with video, writing, performance, drawing and sculpture and uses these methods to explore his wider research interests. His new work Steel, was commissioned specifically for the Bloc Billboard programme.

Steel pays homage to abstract painting and the work of artists such as Elsworth Kelly, whilst also referencing Sheffield’s unique history. The vertical bars are derived from charts representing the colours that steel goes through when taken to white heat. The horizontal orientation of the work was a conscious decision for Eddy, to explore issues around traditional hierarchical structures, and orientating the billboard as text, to be read in a sweep of time.

Employing the formal simplicity of abstract painting, asking questions of accepted hierarchies and exploring a more conceptual relationship to material, Eddy is interested in how artworks operate on multiple levels for an audience.

Eddy Dreadnought (b.1951, Nottingham) lives in Sheffield. After a first career in the NHS, during which he completed a part-time First Class Honours BA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, he returned there to complete an MA in Contemporary Fine Art Practice in 2010. Since then he has worked full-time as an artist. Recent projects include: Hospitalfield Residency, Arbroath UK (2018); Peckham Pelican, London UK (2018) ‘The Silence of Cooling’; Algomech Festival Sheffield (2017); ‘Spectacular Evidence’, London UK (2017); ‘The Lichfield Thunderbolt’, Lichfield UK (2016): ‘Telling the Bees’ video, Manchester, UK (2015); and Artist in Residence, Tunstead Limestone Quarry, Buxton UK (2014).

The commission would not have been made possible by the generous support of The Arts Council England.

This commission was selected from an open call to individuals who are currently part of the Bloc Projects Members Scheme.

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Bloc Projects Members Show 2019

  • Jennifer Bailey
  • Kedisha Coakley
  • Charlotte Dawson
  • Mandy Gamsu
  • Donghwan Ko
  • Gemma Mackenzie
  • David Orme
  • Jill Tate

Selected by Eva Rowson

20 July – 03 August

Launch event: Friday 19th July, 6–8

Free and open to all

We are delighted to be presenting work from a selection of artists from across the UK who are currently benefitting from being part of the Bloc Projects Members Scheme. This annual group exhibition forms a key part of our yearly curated programme and is organised by an open call application of Members’ existing work.

This year the participating artists have been selected by guest curator Eva Rowson. The exhibition brings together recent works from eight artists who all have different approaches to making using sculpture, collage, ceramics and photography. Despite their varied practices, the artists selected share an interest in exploring anxiety, trauma and tension in their work and how these feelings intersect with their relations to personal histories, private space and the changing world(s) outside.

Eva Rowson is an artist, producer and curator. Her work is organised around questions of how we host each other, how we work together, how we build organisations – and the work and structures that make all of this possible. Eva is currently Curator in Residence at Lighthouse, Brighton.



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