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Bloc Billboard: Liz von Graevenitz

28 July – 2 September

Liz von Graevenitz is a Contemporary Artist who works from a studio based in the heart of Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter (U.K). She has exhibited both locally and internationally. As co-curator for the International Artist Exchange Program Regular Line in Sheffield and Slovakia, she has worked alongside fellow artists, musicians and actors.

Over the past 4 years Liz has investigated the idea that vibrations are the one thing that connects us all, man, animal and machine. Technological advancement has created a change in the development of human interaction and behaviour.

Following on from exhibiting work as part of No Bounds Festival, Liz’s new body of work is inspired by ancient Sanskrit symbolism combined with modern day mathematics and her interest in old anatomical diagrams. Individually hand cut paper designs are made using vintage music scores that date back to the early 1900’s and drawings of the deep veins in the brain and skull and original circuit board design are the basis of her intricate paper cut work.

Liz von Graevenitz brings the past into the present, fingerprints and all, to interpret the idea of ‘being’ in today’s modern world.