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Bloc Billboard – Bruce Asbestos

Thursday 18 August 2016

18 August – 10 September 2016

For the Bloc Billboard, Nottingham-based artist Bruce Asbestos has produced a painting based on compositions found in works by Henri Matisse. Noting that Matisse’s The Artist’s Family happens to be the exact size of the Bloc Billboard, Asbestos’ billboard takes ​inspiration from its awkward outlined figures​, strange composition ​and the simple social scene. The billboard, Cowboys, is part of a recent body of work by the artist that reference the a fictive idea of the Wild West built out of Google image searches and recollections of cowboy films​. The original Matisse painting from 1912 works as cultural filter through which to frame a vision of the American landscape, conflating fact, fiction, the romantic and the mundane.

Bruce Asbestos is a Nottingham-based artist, Director of Trade Gallery and member of artist collective Reactor. Recent exhibitions include IF A PAIR IS TWO, WHAT IS THREE? Harley Gallery , Nottinghamshire, 2016; ‘The one where we wonder what Friends did’, Oliver Braid, Wasps Studio, Glasgow, 2015; MTN DEW , Commission by EM15 for ‘Sunscreen’, Venice Biennale, 2015; Faux Sho , curated by It’s All Tropical, Assembly House, Leeds, 2015.