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Bloc Assembly – Don’t Let Me

  • Ruth Herbert

Friday 29 May 2015

The Bloc Assemblies are short projects in which the gallery acts as a platform for experimentation. Developing each year since 2006, the Bloc Assembly has been host to group and solo presentations, performances, themed projects, open submission shows, auctions, interactive installations and more.

Sheffield based artist and Bloc Studios studio holder Ruth Herbert uses found or second-hand materials to create faux-naive works, often ironic, combining pathos and a nod to the distorted nature of nostalgia. Her project Don’t Let Me brings together elements of performance, happening and installation, formed around the concept of a party.

We don’t want much; we just want to be happy, that’s all. Truly, truly happy, the way we always thought we’d be when we grew up, all those years ago. We’ll laugh, and dance, and play games, and it’ll be just how it used to be. Like nothing ever changed. I promise.